Proud Actions

1990: RadicalStuff Live LP
1990: RadicalStuff 12inch Lets get Dizzy
1990: RadicalStuff 12inch I guess you know
1991: RadicalStuff double LP Hard to swallow
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch Summer Fever
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch On the Run
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch Let the flute flow
1993: RadicalStuff VIDEO Summer Fever
1993: Lo Greco Bros REMIX
1996: 1 Song on Dime Bag compilation (USA)
1997: 1 song on Kaos’ first LP
1998: Produced song Lucida Follia (Gruff)
1998: 2 Songs and Scratches on Neffa’s 2nd LP
1998: Golden Break Beats (Bad News Prod.)
1998: 3 Songs and Scratches on La Pina’s LP
1998: Remix OTR 12inch
1998: Scratches on “Il Suono della Strada”
1998: Some Dope Fiend Beats (Bad News)
1999: Gente Guasta 12inch War Games
1999: Scratches on Torch LP (Germany)
1999: Alien Army Double LP
1999: Alien Army 12inch Mono
1999: Nextraterrestrial per Fucking  Camelz
2000: Compilation “Missione Impossibile”
2000: The Masterplan double LP
2000: Get on Down 12inch (Masterplan 2 LP)
2000: Coproduction on Inoki’s LP
2000: 1 Song on Joe Cassano’s LP
2000: Coproduction on Finezza Clique’s LP
2000: Scratches on Celsius’ LP (Australia)
2000: 2 Songs on Mass MC LP (Australia)
2000: 1 Song on Torcha LP (Australia)
2000: Producer for Thorn’s LP (Australia)
2001: 1cut on DEFCUT lp EMZEE Records (Ger)
2001: Scratches on a world lp produced by RZA(Wu Tang Clan) for Frankie on BMG
2001: Heavy Impact Breaks (IRMA)
2002: Secret Recipe Break Beats Vol.1(Bad Newz)
2003: 12 inch AlienArmy DailyNightmares ( indip)
2003: Prod. e mixaggio lp ‘The End’ Alien Army
2003: 1 cut on Global Turntable (HipHopslam)
2003: 1 cut on Scratch Attack vol.1(HipHopSlam)
2006 Scratch till u blled compilation (Pl records)
2007 Nobilta di strada Inoki Warner Bros co produzione LP
2007 Parla con me singolo Drupi e video
2007 Scratch in svariate tracks di Broken Silente (Aus)
2007 Broken Dreams LP ( Relief Records)
2008 Bungalow Zen LP ( Relief Records)
2008 Premiato come dj dell’anno italiano da In Sound
2008 Scratches on new SenorWolf LP
2008 Scratches on Gopher D new LP
2008 Scratches on Torcha new CD (Australia)
2010 Siamesi Brothers Full lP
2011 Last Miunute xcape
2012 OTR GENTE GUASTA Co Produzione LP
2012 REMIx per Dj ENZO
2013 Leggende Metropolitane con Mirko Miro CD e Diigitale produzione
2013 12 Inch per SCHEMA Records con Gerardo Frisina
2014 EP per Schema Records con Gerardo Frisina
2015 Alien Army The Difference CD/LP
2015 Battle Break Start from Scratch
2016 Quattro Alien Army LP This Play Music
2018 Good Morning World Wide Alien Army LP This Play Music
2019 Collaboration on 2 song OG’S Lp Egreen Wza Craig G
2019 Production and Master LP Sangue e Amore Esa e Skizo
2020 Production and Master OGM Alien Army
2021 Double Remix Colle der Fomento
2022 Production and Master Lp Splendente OTR
2022 Remix and Video Poppa Gee L’Abc “Milano sulla schiena”
Currently working on 3 Lps to be released soon